Sextudy Group

Alternative(s): Sextudy Group
Author(s): Abio4
Type(s): Manhua
Genre Adult – Drama – Harem – School Life
Status Ongoing
schedule: Weekly

Sextudy Group ,アヤシイ勉強会, Hyun-Ho’s plan to get closer to his crush by joining a study group takes an unexpected turn when the session for him starts off with an unusual lesson. He is asked to grab the butt of another member in the group. Hyun-Ho is startled and unsure how to react. He had hoped to impress his crush with his intelligence, not with physical contact with someone else. The situation makes him question the purpose of this study group and whether or not he is comfortable being a part of it. Assuming that he is only there to pursue a romantic interest, Hyun-Ho may need to reassess his intentions and evaluate if this group aligns with his values and beliefs.